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Wellcome! This community was created by toxic_stars and flaming_virgin On June 09, 2003. Voting will take place on Mondays - And need to be turned in On Friday! Please have them in - place try and have them in the sooner the better!

+!You're judges so far!+
baanrys, toxic_stars, flaming_virgin

Here are the catagories of what can be voted on.

-Best Bio
-Best Layout (free)
-Best layout (paid)
-Best Icons
-Most Unique
-Most helpful
-Most artistic
-Most obsessed
-Most friendly
-Most geeky
-All around wonderful
-Most silly
-Sexiest Icons
-Best Username

General Rules:
1. No Spamming.
2. No Flaming.
3. No multiple nominations.
4. Per week, each member gets one nomination per category and there are -13- categories thus far.
(One could win all the awards, but it would take 13 weeks for them to do so - and the chance of that happening is low - seeing as we promote variety and differences )
5. You may nominate yourself, friends or just anyone on LJ.

Judges Rules:

1. No voting for yourselves.
2. Be fair with all nominations, be open-minded.
3. General Rules applies to judges as well.
4. Please add this journal to your friends list, so that you can keep up w/postings. Thx! :)